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VAMPIRE POWER TUTORIALSo your kiddo is about to develop her vampire fangs and you need to know what to prepare yourself for. We understand the stress that can come to mortal parents who are dealing with their first round of supernatural strangeness, and we’re more than happy to help. The key to vampire powers is that they all come at slightly different paces and some vamp-kids develop different ones altogether! The first one to keep an eye on is shapeshifting. Turning into bats is by far the most common. Getting a hang on becoming a bat isn’t nearly as tough as the maneuverability. Boy, will those vamp-bats bump into everything!? (Just picture your toddler’s first time trying to run… and now include ceilings into the mix.) Practice makes perfect. The next ones will be watchingher manipulate shadows to distract you, or hypnotizing you into offering more treats. (Next, she’ll freeze them to make them extra delicious.) DESIGN & DETAILSOf course, she’ll be wanting to update her style for a more vampiric look. Fortunately, we’re fully prepared for that with this Mavis costume from Hotel Transylvania. This is an officially licensed costume put together by our own team of in-house designers. It includes the iconic black dress and striped red and black tights that Mavis loves to wear (providing she’s not off to Paradise.) Top off the look with the black wig styled to look like her wild vampire hair and your kiddo will practically be climbing up the walls! (Yeah, that’s another power.) TELEKINESIS IS JUST CHEATING!When your kiddo’s vampire powers are at work with this Hotel Transylvania Mavis costume, you’ll have to be on guard for all the missing candy. She’ll look at you with her pouty bat face and you’ll just want to give in! But, really, it’s the moving things with her mind to get the cookies off the top shelf that is really breaking the odds!

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