Kid’s Inflatable WWE United States Championship Title Belt

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The ChampEvery kid dreams of being the champ. They want to jump into the ring, toss John Cena around like a ragdoll and come out on top, as the WWE’s brand new reigning champion! Of course, your little one might not exactly be ready to tangle with John Cena (that guy has biceps the size of a small automobile). But hey, that doesn’t mean your child has to give up their dream just yet! With this Airnormous WWE USA Championship Title Belt, your child can become the reigning champ of your home and they won’t even have to jump in the ring with a wrestler!Product DetailsThis belt is officially licensed from the WWE! It features plenty of printed details, including faux gold plates and an American flag. It also features the WWE symbol on the front and sides. To help give it a realistic size, the belt is inflatable, so it’ll be extra-large, just like the belts awarded to the wrestlers for the WWE.Becoming a LegendThis officially licensed Airnormous belt is a great start for any young wrestler! If your child wants to be named the greatest wrestler of all time, then they’re going to need a belt!

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