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The Sheep Lost Bo PeepLittle Bo Peep has gone missing. Her sheep don’t know where to find her. We’ve had a couple of them stop in to see if Bo Peep had been by, but we haven’t seen her since we set her up with some new threads. Now they’ve congregated in our offices, which has been interesting, to say the least. These sheep are not quite as patient as Bo Peep was when their situation was the opposite. And these wooly visitors are refusing to take a rest and just wait for Bo Peep to come home. It’s been a nightmare.The good news is, our designers got a very close, and detailed look at Bo Peep’s very well maintained sheep and came up with a costume. It was originally intended to provide the sheep something to count while they struggled to fall asleep, but everyone loved it so much we decided we should share. We’re hoping it will catch Bo Peep’s eye and lead her to her flock.Design & DetailsThis Made by Us Child Sheep Jumpsuit Costume is made to look just like a huggable lamb. With just 1 piece you won’t have to worry about your kiddo losing accessories that complete the ensemble. The jumpsuit is made with 2 super-soft and warm fleece materials to create a cozy experience. The black cuffs look like the legs of this very fluffy farm animal, while the attached hood has embroidered facial features and soft-sculpted ears. Of course, our designers also included a little tail on the back, because how can you tell if a lamb is happy without their tails wagging behind them?Have You Any News?Baa Baa Black Sheep just told us that he saw Bo Peep down the lane. It sounds like she was trying to get some bags, less full, for trick-or-treating with the flock. We guess it was supposed to be a surprise. We’re just glad to know the sheep are going to have a nice Halloween!

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