Kids Mysterious Mermaid Costume


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Have you ever stood on the shore of a vast ocean, and thought to yourself, “What are you hiding out there?” while looking out over the water stretching far beyond the horizon? The mysterious look of the deep sea can be yours when you’re wearing this Tween Mysterious Mermaid Costume. We don’t have any revolutionary evidence proving mermaids exist. And obviously, if you’ve ever asked the ocean if there are any mermaids swimming around in it, the ocean didn’t respond. If it did, then you were under that beach sun for way too long. For whatever reason, humans are fascinated with the secrets of the oceans, but we’re very poorly prepared to explore the depths without a lot of very expensive equipment and training. But, even with all that special gear, the ocean is biiiiiiig, and some of the things that have been discovered down there are weirder than mermaids. So, there really isn’t any proof that they aren’t down there, either. Luckily, we can just bring the mysteries of the deep to you, no submarines required! This velvet dress shimmers like the sea, with printed scales and ruffled, fish tail-like plumes at the bottom, for a mermaid look. The bodice and matching headband feature more of a sparkling, swirling pattern, like a cool, deep running ocean current. This aquatically themed costume dress looks as mysterious and magical as the endless oceans. You’ll be a hit at the next deep sea shindig!

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