Kids Narwhal Ugly Christmas Sweater

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NARWHALS ARE THE NEW REINDEERDon’t get us wrong, we’re really happy reindeer exist. They’re the reason Santa arrives at our house every Christmas Eve to leave behind a trail of presents just for us, but a new horned creature has recently captured our attention: the narwhal. Wouldn’t it be cool if Santa could transport via sky AND water? Wouldn’t it be awesome if a school of narwhals propelled Santa through the water in a submarine? Heck yes, it would! If you want to see narwhals become a part of the Christmas narrative too, then the child narwhal ugly Christmas sweater is exactly what you need wrapped up and nestled under your tree this holiday season.The exclusive child narwhal ugly Christmas sweater is our a Made by Us garment featuring an embroidered applique of two narwhals roasting marshmallows over a burning fire by turning their notorious horns into skewers. The pull-on sweater is unisex and knitted from fine 12-gauge yarn to capture all the intricate details around the neckline. Finally, kids love the comfortable rib-knit trim at the neck, waistline and cuffs. Wear it with hopes Santa invests in a submarine for his Christmas travels next year.

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