Kids NFL Colts Uniform Costume


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We know that your kiddo is the biggest Colts fan ever! He must talk all the time about playing for his dream team one day. Well with enough practice and dedication anything is possible, right? Remind him of that and give him a little moral boost by grabbing this NFL Colts Uniform Costume for Halloween this year!This uniform costume will be perfect for your youngster to storm the football field or simply go around the block and gather up plenty of tasty treats. He will look like a number one prospect to join his favorite football team as soon as he tosses on these awesome duds. This costume comes with a blue jersey that has the Colts’ name and logo on the front as well as a pair of white football pants with matching blue side stripes. The white helmet will stay securely on your superstar’s head with the help of the included chinstrap. So you know that your kiddo’s head will be ready for some hard-hitting fun!One of the coolest perks about this costume is the fact that it comes without a number on it. So that allows your child to be whatever number he wants too! If he’s got a favorite or a lucky number go ahead and iron it on the back of the jersey. Maybe there’s a certain quarterback or defensive back that he really idolizes, well then with a little bit of ironing magic, voilĂ ! He is instantly transformed into his favorite Colts player of all time!

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