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WHAT A SMART… CHILD!Once upon a time, there was a child with the wittiest of tongues and quickest of minds. His parents simply didn’t know what to do with the kid. They would ask, “Child? What would you like to be when you grow up?” And the child, tongue in cheek replied, “Old!” At first, it was amusing and the parents did indeed laugh. But, time and time again, they would ask the questions. “What will you do when you’re grown?” Said the child: Relax on my porch! They tried, “How will you greet your neighbors?” Said the child: Stay off my lawn! They asked, thinking themselves especially clever, “What job will you claim on your taxes?” Said the child: Retired! Even more exhausted than their supposedly elderly child, they were about ready to give up when genius struck. “How will you pay to maintain this lawn?” Thought the child: I better get started now! DESIGN & DETAILSWith this Made By Us and chuckle-worthy costume, you can make that dream a reality. This Child’s Old Man costume might be a bit confusing to talk about, but it is only amusing to see in action! That’s thanks to the digitally printed jersey shirt and vest that is digitally printed to look in old-timey style and stuffed for that “one too many homecooked meals” look! The gray Newsie hat is a perfect addition and the glasses feature the bushiest of eyebrows and a mustache of sherpa fur. With the high-quality design of our in-house team, it might even last until your kiddo is old enough to look the part! AN OLD JOKE!If you’ve got a kiddo who’s too smart for their own good, best let them see what it is like being old sooner than later! This Old Man costume is just the ticket for a hysterical time. (Just imagine the holiday pictures this year with Grandpa Kiddo.)

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