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Roses are PinkWe know, we know. Usually, roses are red, or at least that’s usually how the saying goes. Well, you know what? We’re tired of red roses. We want a little variety in our selection of florals. Is a pretty new shade of flower too much to ask? Sorry, we’re getting a bit stressed out. You see, everyone wants flowers these days and they all seem to want the same types. There are some fancy plays going on, some scenes or something, and well, we’re here to tell you to branch out a bit. Try some new colors; try some new flowers. Better yet, try something entirely different. Here’s something entirely different for you: instead of actual flowers or fake flowers, you could use this Pink Rose Headpiece on an actual real human to make them flower-like. This foam headpiece is about 15 inches tall and shaped and colored to look like the petals of a pink rose. There’s an elastic band to keep the headpiece framing the face, and a small face opening. Different, no? Consider how unique and fantastical if the flowers in your play or musical actually smiled and sang along instead of sat there on stage. Novel, no?

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