Kids Power Rangers Megazord Inflatable Costume


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Plan AWe’ve watched a TON of Power Rangers. From Mighty Morphin to Power Rangers Beast Morphers, we’ve seen every Ranger do their best in the battle against evil… but we have one lingering question for the various teams of Rangers: Why isn’t summoning the Megazord Plan A against those giant monsters?Basically every episode goes like this. A monster shows up to wreck up the joint. The Power Rangers summon their Megazords. After a heated battle, the Power Rangers come to the conclusion that alone, they are no match for the evil monster. They do a flashy transformation and combine their powers to create the mighty Megazord! Once formed, the Megazord quickly begins to gain the upper hand in the conflict, eventually ending in the monster’s defeat. So… why not just START with the Megazord and finish that monster off in less time?Product DetailsWell, your child’s Plan A should definitely be the Megazord! All your child needs to do is wear this Power Rangers Kid’s Megazord costume and they’ll be ready to take on any monstrous entity around! The costume is officially licensed and comes with a jumpsuit made out of windbreaker-style material. The exterior is designed to look like the various zords that form the Megazord. The costume has an attached fan in the back! Just flip the switch and the costume will self-inflate. Finally, the costume comes with a molded plastic mask that fits with an elastic band. It all combines for an authentic look that’s an easy choice for any fan of the show!It’s Morphin TimeWhether your child is getting ready to take on Rita Repulsa’s monsters or they need a look that will have them getting ALL of the candy during the next trick-or-treat trip, this Power Rangers costume is exactly what your child needs!

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