Kids Scoundrel Pirate Costume


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You are starting to get a little worried about your little one. You heard kids were supposed to be a lot of work, but your guy is a perfect angel. All the time. You’re starting to wonder if, in fact, he needs a bit more “scoundrel” in him; for healthy developmental reasons, and all. Are you sure about this plan? OK, well, you asked for it! This Kids Scoundrel Pirate Costume will teach your helpful, kind kiddo to head out to the high seas in search of treasure and trouble. He’ll have to practice his sword-fighting skills (and once kids learn about swords, ANYTHING can be made into one…a tree branch, a broomstick, you name it); he’ll need to get a little selfish and try to steal all the treasure for himself; he’ll ask you for a parrot (and they live for an average of 25-50 years!). Once you turn your little darling into a daring pirate, bath time is likely to become messier and less efficient. He’s bound to start ordering you to “walk the plank” each time you ask him to eat his vegetables. It may indeed toughen him up a bit!But you said you were sure, so this classic combo of striped pants, pirate shirt, and faux-leather vest is bound to bring out the scallywag in him. The tricorn hat will help him really get into the salty dog spirit, while the plastic cutlass is bound to live in his memory forever (no kid forgets his first sword!) Clip on his gold earring and send him out trick-or-treating. We hope you know what you’re doing! We have a few waivers we’d like you to sign in case you can’t de-scoundrel him after Halloween!

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