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SLUGS JUST WANNA HAVE FUN!It is tough to try to survive on the surface world as one of the unique and amazing Slugs that normally reside in the expansive underworld universe where Slugslingers travel in an effort to find brand new and amazing species.That’s especially true with nasty villains who are always seeking to ghoul you and your slug friends to turn you into mindless monstrous weapons! All you really want to do is put your prowess to the test for Eli and the rest!DESIGN & DETAILSBut, your kiddo can show support for the magma slug itself with this officially licensed Slugterra Costume Hoodie. This zip-up hoodie’s vivid firey colorization is clearly reminiscent of the fire-breathing slug in is megamorphed state. Bright red sleeves and orange and yellow chest designs couple with the hood that shows the facial pattern of the little guy, himself. Mesh eye holes allow your kiddo to see well while the hood is fully over the head, but even with the hood down, your tyke can show support for the good slugs of Slugterra all year round.A SECONDARY BLURB IS HEREOur designers faced all the ghouled slugs and fascinating creatures to create this look inspired by Burpy, the rarest slug of all! Now your kiddo can enjoy the fun without actually having to descend down there with this costume hoodie!

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