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Kids have always had more than their fair share of energy, curiosity, and ambition for mischief. Bundle all those traits up into a small frame and there is no limit to the potential places that your tyke might find their hands. The animal kingdom certainly did its work in offering humanity the near pinnacle of the proverbial food chain of disaster-makers! But, only near pinnacle. There are yet a few frenzied furballs that manage to compete and take the gold at each annual Marauders of Mischief Moots.No matter which species show up for the varied contests, nothing is able to offer a real challenge to the master of squirreling away treasures and looking adorably innocent whilst doing so. Of course, the fact that the term ‘squirreling’ even exists is proof enough that few can ever rise to their occasion. With their darting tails and faster feet, most of us are still trying to put together what’s going on by the time that the little suckers are off to their next mission.So, perhaps it wasn’t the best idea to mix energetic kiddo and psycho squirrel together, but we figured it was the only way to land a medal for ourselves at next year’s competition! And now you can experience the joy of the outcome with this Child Squirrel costume. This polyester faux fur jumpsuit fastens with a rear zipper and has two-tone color and squirrely mittens that can fold back when human hands are more useful. The hood has white tufted squirrel ears and the matching white, stuffed tail is held by a cord connection to the back zipper. Just to ensure hat your kiddo doesn’t get into too much, we’ve also include a poly-foam acorn nut for an entertaining distraction. No promises on how long that’ll function, but you’ll delight in watching the display of energy either way!

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