Kids Stormtrooper Big Face Knit Hat & Gloves Set

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A Snow BattlerAh, so he’s decided to become a powerful snow battler. You might have thought he was just outside building a snow fort, but nope, it’s actually an AT-AT Walker refueling station. That’s because he’s expecting Imperial Walkers to stop by any minute on their way to blow up the Rebel base. Whew. We’d say you got quite the little Stormtrooper on your hands!So, unless you live on Hoth, we don’t actually think those Imperials are going to be showing up anytime soon. But, we can still embrace your kid’s love for the Empire and their war machinery. Just equip him for the snow this Kid’s Stormtrooper Big Face Knit Beanie & Gloves Set!Product DetailsStar Wars officially licensed, this 2 pack of winter accessories comes with a beanie and a pair of gloves. Each features signature details. The beanie cap features the iconic design of the Stormtrooper helmet, and the gloves feature the Imperial logo on the top of each hand.Everything Star WarsFrom wintertime gear to toys and even prop lightsabers for playtime, we’ve got everything Star Wars related right here at Shop our entire selection to have your kid equipped for a mission in a galaxy far, far away!

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