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Keep the Community SafeWhether you’re taking a brisk jaunt through the playground or setting up to enjoy a Halloween night painting the town orange, things can always get a little chaotic. It’s important that we have a team of folks ready to keep the peace and avoid any complicated issues with the local ghosts and goblins. They usually keep to themselves and focus on filling up on candy, just like the rest of us. But, when the hauntings go haywire, it’s time to call S.W.A.T.Product DetailsWhen your little SWAT trooper is getting suited up to head out on a mission, they’ll definitely want to bring this Kids SWAT Team Helmet along. This plastic helmet looks just like the heavy headgear worn by the pros, and even has an adjustable chin strap and buckle attached, to help keep it on during the action. When everyone sees your kid wearing this helmet with their police or tactical costume, they will know they are a tough cookie that can be counted on. No SWAT uniform is complete without one!Trained for FunSWAT Team Members have a tough job. It doesn’t help that they are pretty much only called in when a situation gets extra dangerous, and it calls for some Weapons And Tactics of the Special variety. Luckily, they train hard for these occasions, and also carry state of the art gear to help make sure everyone gets out quickly and safely!

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