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Sometimes it’s hard going from the top of the world to feeling like you’re in the dumps. Woody felt just that way when that shiny new toy came into town on Andy’s birthday. He even tried to get rid of Buzz! He just had to remember that all the other toys loved him for who he was, and they needed him for his leadership, and can-do attitude. Now Buzz and Woody are inseparable friends! What about your little sherrif? Does he love to make sure all the rest of the toys are staying up to task? Is he always coming up with ridiculous (but effective) schemes in order to get the seemingly impossible tasks around the house done? It’s not always easy, but somehow he gets the job done. Being the little guy surrounded by full grown humans can be a difficult task to overcome! Maybe it’s time you gave him a little bit of a boost. We think the best boost you can give him is a nice little boost of confidence, and what better way to feel self-assured than to look the part of our favorite one foot tall hero! He can become one of Andy’s most cherished toys with this licensed Toy Story Woody Costume Kit! You get a hat, vest, badge and bandana to add to your own jeans and shirt. Perfect for kids who love Sheriff Woody! Now all he’ll have to do is wrangle up those toys for a safety meeting! Be sure to check out all the rest of our fantastic Toy Story gear so you can help your sheriff round up the rest of his posse!

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