KISS Starchild Wig


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Not many people know this but Paul Stanley does not wear any makeup for his KISS performances. In fact, that black and white Starchild face he made famous is his actual skin. Yes, that’s right, Paul Stanley was born with an exceedingly rare skin condition: Starchild syndrome. The melodious voice was another condition he was born into, and what luck that he has shared those pipes with his adoring fans. For years, Paul showed off his skin with pride, and the other members of KISS were so impressed by him, they decided to honor him by painting their faces black and white in solidarity. Pretty amazing, right? Of course it is. That’s why you’re here too, to honor Paul Stanley and his incredibly legacy by putting on the luxurious Paul Stanley wig. And you’re going to pain that Starchild pattern on your face, because you know any skin is beautiful and should be worn with pride. Rock on, Starchild. We’re with you.

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