Kitty Kat Witch Costume for Girl’s


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Broom Chika Pow-er!Superheroes get a lot of credit. They bang bad guys up with fists of fury and brute force while wearing spandex suits and crazy masks. They use weird tricks like laser vision and super strength and everyone excepts them as well… heroes. No one has ever thought they were from the devil! Witches have been around a lot longer than anyone who can run at the speed of light or cast webs from their fingertips. They’ve been doing a lot more good with a lot less property damage. Using herbs and chants to make healing potions might not be as exciting as chasing down bad guys but it’s just as important. Now that the dark times of Salem are long in the past, can we recognize the superpowers that witches have always had? We’d love to see that spider guy transform into a cat or fly on a broom!Product DetailsAny little witch will feel both powerful and fashionable in this costume with a feline twist! No green face paint and warts needed, the shining purple dress is fresh. The puffed sleeves are trimmed with tatters that match the hem. It’s cinched in the middle with a soft black belt while the neckline is made up of black faux fur and a pink bow. The back even has a black tail to make it look like your little witch is halfway through the transformation. The whole ensemble is topped off with a tall, conical hat with a gold band and pink-lined black ears. Cauldron CallingIs your little one to get into the magic mix? Your little one will love showing up to school with black cat cupcakes for the Halloween bake sale in this charming costume. No need to fade into the background with a black dress, not when your little one is a witch as powerful as this one!

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