Last Laugh Clown Costume for Men


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Do you know who always gets the last laugh when a friendly clown arrives at an unsuspecting party? No one. Clowns are freaking TERRIFYING, even when they are trying to be cute. Trust us on this one. But…you already know that, don’t you? You’re not looking to be a bozo and dress in some cheerful-looking clown outfit, pretending that everyone is happy to see you, that they aren’t all imagining you turning insane and tormenting them until they all flee in terror (because, friend, that is exactly what everyone is imagining). Nope. You’re looking to be scary right from the get go, and nothing…NOTHING…is scarier that a horrifying-as-heck maniacal clown. This Last Laugh Clown Costume is so creepy, you may want to wait until you’re out of the bathroom to slip the ani-motion (it moves when you talk!) mask over your head, lest you panic yourself with the sight of your own reflection in the mirror. For those brave souls who can muster the guts to stick out the party despite your petrifying presence, you should prepare some really killer jokes to entertain and amuse them. Add oversized red clown shoes to this black and red jumpsuit and be sure to practice you best evil cackle and creepiest chortle. You are bound to laugh, but your audience (what’s left of them) won’t–you’ll be haunting their dreams for nights to come while you sleep soundly in your bed.

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