Last Night Pumpkin Mask


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Out of Your GourdAre you feeling a little off kilter? We get it. We’re all living wildly stressful lives. Balancing work life, social life, passion projects, and a little bit of downtime can easily drive a person nuts! But what about getting a little wild in a different flavor? That’s right, don’t go nuts, get out of your gourd! Pumpkin flavored wildness will always make things interesting. What better way to dive into the Halloween season. You don’t always have to keep your sanity in check. This spooky season, let your self-care drift to the wild side with a creepy jack-o-lantern mask!Product DetailsWhen you’re heading into the night in late October, you can show that you’re in the spirit when you throw on this pumpkin mask that’s wearing a wide, slightly unhinged grin. the light-weight mask fits over your whole head. The grin has a thin black mesh so that you can easily breathe and talk throughout the night. The jagged black eye holes let you see with limited-vision so while you shouldn’t drive while wearing this mask, you’ll be able to see well enough to jump out and spook your friends at just the right moment! And if that’s not the spirit of the season, we don’t know what is!

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