Lego Batman Child Prestige Joker Costume


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IMAGINATION MEETS DEVASTATIONLEGO is all about building up creativity and making some of the most epic things that anyone could ever Imagineer into existence. That’s why we’re never surprised when there is yet another new LEGO franchise that comes to the world. We thought the world LEGO when they gave us dinosaurs from Jurassic World. We had a magical time with LEGO’s Wizarding World. And, is it even a crime to want to snatch up everything from LEGO’s Pirates of the Caribbean? But, when we have a chance to watch the creative power of LEGO match wits against the World’s Greatest Detective, we are all in. After all, what villain out there has come up with zanier and craftier plans to take over Gotham City than the Joker!? When given the power of LEGO to help his dastardly plots come to fruition, well, we’re happy and horrified in equal measure. If only we could get some LEGO Batman more often!?PRODUCT DETAILSWell, you think it and we’re happy to make it happen. And both you and your kiddo are going to love the fun product of this Imagineering. Get ready for this LEGO Joker Costume! This pant and shirt combo gives your kiddo the boxy look of LEGOs thanks to unique and careful construction. The whole look is detailed after the purple and green clothing of Gotham’s biggest menace, including his green tie, decorated vest, and purple tuxedo style. The headpiece is designed to give your tyke the iconic look of the LEGO characters, this one featuring the Joker’s crazy smile. TIME TO GET BATS, TOO!The only thing that is going to be more fun than watching your kiddo run around as LEGO Joker is when you realize that you can answer that deep desire that you have, too… by becoming LEGO Batman, yourself! Just imagine the adventures you can build together.

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