Lego Movie 2 Emmet Mask for Kids


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Become the SpecialDid you know that your kid can grow up to be a Master Builder? You know, the wildly creative people that get to play with Legos all day and call it a career? Pretty exciting opportunity for any Lego-obsessed person, even better to know as a kid. Now, we’re sure being a Master Builder is more complicated than it sounds. So your child is going to want to learn all the different types of bricks and how to build every new creation without instructions. They’ll also need to grow up a bit and maybe get a college degree in art or engineering.Of course, waiting is hard, and play is much preferred over studies. So, if your kiddo isn’t quite ready to commit their free time to their future career, they can skip a few steps and become Bricksburg’s most special builder, Emmet Brickowski, instead!Product DetailsEmmet Brickowski became a Master Builder in an unconventional way, and your kid can too with this Lego Movie 2 Emmet Mask! The light-weight molded plastic is shaped like a Minifigure head and features Emmet’s (always) perfectly styled hair and cheerful expression to put your kiddo in the right state of mind. While they’re building wild double-decker furniture or intricate toaster rooms, the elastic band around the back of the mask will keep it secure. Attached foam padding works to keep the mask comfortable and easy to position, so whether they’re heading out to trick-or-treat as Emmet or creating their own Legoland, they can keep their Master Builder façade in place!What Will They Create?Maybe your child is destined to become a Master Builder like Emmet Brickowski, or maybe their Lego baseplate is still a blank slate ready for anything. Either way, they’ll be ready to imagine and play their way with this Emmet Mask for kids!

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