Lets Get Physical Costume


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Are you friends on your case lately about working out more? Are they constantly hassling you to get off the couch and get to the gym? Are you wanting to send them a…not so subtle…message this Halloween?Show them that not everything to come out of gym culture is a good thing! High-cut leotards, for instance. Sweat bands. Really, really bad pop music. Poor hygiene. Since your friends aren’t being subtle with their nagging, why be subtle with your response? We think this Let’s Get Physical Costume may have them eating their words about wanting your participation at their morning circuit training. Man, they were right, working out does make you feel more confident. In this swell leotard, you feel much freer to just let it all hang out. If you had any reservations about your new routine, this bold and brash costume will help you lose them in no time. Plus it gives you killer cleavage without a single round of pec exercises. Amazing.That’s actually due to this blue sleeveless body suit’s plush fake breasts, thank you very much. It’s got “Lets Get Physical” printed on the front, just for added effect. This costume also comes with a blue elastic headband to wear atop a fun wig, and another “wig-like” synthetic hair piece, too add that special dash of crude panache your sense of humor is known for. So go do some aerobic leg lifts around your buddies all night long, then relax on the couch the rest of the weekend, recovering from all that physical exertion!

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