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Too Pool for SchoolShe may have a few years before she can work at the local pool, but your little one is already shaping up to be a real lifesaver! Lately, she’s been pitching in around the house, offering to look after her little siblings, and doing all of her homework…without your having to remind her! (Remind us to ask you later how you raised such a helpful kid. Actually, you may just want to write a book about it). If she has dreams of learning CPR, likes to soak up the sun, and she looks great in red, you can help her make a splash in this Girl’s Lifeguard Costume. In this look, she’ll have tons of fun imagining scenarios that require her expert assistance—a strong rip current, a small child too far into the deep end, a shark circling the shore. The outcome? She always saves the day, of course! We can’t blame her for getting excited—pool time signifies summertime and sunshine, plus that extra pocket money she’ll earn from her first job.Design & DetailsThis costume is designed to look functional and fun, professional and playful. It’s our take on a classic, retro-inspired lifeguard’s uniform, with a romper that replaces the swimsuit-shorts combo. The bodice appears as a tank swimsuit with “Lifeguard” emblazoned on the chest, alongside the white cross symbol. The “shorts” have white trim and a white drawstring, and the short-sleeved jacket keeps her comfortable while she sits in the chair, surveying the scene before her. The visor keeps her ponytail in place and the sun out of her eyes. She can add a buoy or whistle and a pair of flip-flops to complete the look!Duty CallsSo before she gets her first lifeguarding gig, get her this costume to help her build skills early. Everyone in the neighborhood will feel safe as she patrols the streets during trick-or-treating. She can’t eat her candy on the job, but she’ll get to enjoy it when she’s off duty, back at home!

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