Li’l Witch Girl’s Costume


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Midnight MadnessIs it harder and harder to get your little girl to bed when the moon gets full? She just seems to get jittery when she’s usually getting drowsy, nodding off while brushing her dolls hair. Last Thursday, after you put her to bed, you found her sitting in a pool of moonlight in lotus pose. Something strange is going on here, that’s for sure. And while you could fight it, there’s nothing better than witchhood (is that a term? It is now.) in this complicated day and age. While other kiddos are plaguing their parent’s houses with multi-colored glitter, your child is asking for their first clumps of sage and a range of aura cleansing crystals. Maybe it’s simply time to lean into your kiddo’s new energy. Product DetailsThis black dress has a classic tattered look. The hem and sleeves have a jagged touch. The dress has a velvet band tied around the waist as well as a jagged collar around the neck. The two textures are sure to give your little one plenty of bubble, bubble, toil, and trouble. Broomsticks 101Well, maybe magical powers will be too much responsibility for your little girl. But at least your little one will get a little more familiar with using that broomstick when she puts on this witch outfit. This costume couldn’t be more picturesque, looking timeless in your Halloween photoshoots. You can top the costume off with one of our many styles of broomsticks or a grey and black witch wig. You can even make this into a classic costume with cat and bat costumes for this little witch’s siblings. Your little one will love how magical she looks this year. It’s about time that Haloween got spooky again!

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