Lioness Hood for Girls


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In the Tall GrassDoes your child dream of the plains of Africa? The blue skies, bugs buzzing, and tall grass that might be hiding any number of amazing creatures. The life of a lion tribe is tightly knit. They nap throughout the long, blistering hot days, looking after each other’s young ones and swishing their tails at the buzzing flies. And when twilight falls over the plains, that’s when the lionesses come to life, preparing to rustle up some grub. They all work together to catch their prey, making sure everyone in their party gets enough to eat before the hyenas catch the scent of their meal. If that life isn’t something to daydream about, we don’t know what’s worthy anymore. Ready to give your child an imagination boost? This lioness hood will extend from Halloween festivities to a playroom staple!Product DetailsThis lioness hood will help your child transform into the iconic predator that reigns on the African plains. It has a proud, sculpted head shape with a mouth that looks like it could open up and roar at any moment. The fabric is printed with lifelike details and a white chin. Golden eyes will make your child’s lioness seem bright and aware. Tawny fabric falls around your child’s head and neck to help them fully transform into a majestic big cat. Slip this over your head and watch as your child lets loose with a roar!

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