Lovable Lion Costume for a Child


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Pride and JoyThere’s nothing ferocious about this little lion—he’s all cuddles! But don’t tell him that. He wants to be the king of the jungle (which is a funny title if you think about it, because lions don’t actually live in jungles…but anyway…). He’s got goals: to rule the school. To become top dog. To prowl in search of the best candy. He sounds like a real go-getter!This Lovable Lion Child Costume is a grrrrr-eat choice for an easy, adorably fearsome Halloween costume. It’ll become an instant classic. And it will keep your kid cozy all night as he trick-or-treats throughout his neighborhood territory. He can join forces with all his pals and create a roving pride of lions, or he can prowl solo as the mane event everywhere he goes! As a bonus, this costume is great for school plays, themed trips to the zoo, and other dress-up occasions!Design & DetailsThe simplicity of this costume is what makes it so classic. After all, a real lion doesn’t need a lot of bells and whistles to be all-powerful and awe-inspiring, right? This costume is designed in our very own studio and is crafted with attention to durability and detail. It’s comprised of a tan, fuzzy jumpsuit with long sleeves and matching shoe covers. The sleeve cuffs even have darker paw pads and realistic looking claws! There’s a sweet lion tail in the back and a headpiece with a regal brown mane, of course! What lion king would be complete without a majestic mane? Snap some photos as he practices his roaring and pouncing skills, because this is a moment you’re going to want to remember.Candy KingSo maybe he’s not the most fearsome creature to wander the earth…he’s certainly the most charming! And all that charm is really going to come in handy when he’s hunting for the best sweets. Just, let him go about thinking he’s terrifying—it’s the cutest part of his act!

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