Lovable Lion Costume for Adults


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Cat PeopleWe heard the term “cat people” a long time ago. When we first heard that term, we were pretty excited. Oh, the images racing through our head. People, but they’re also part cat? Sign us up for that! Unfortunately, it turns out that the term means “people who like cats” and it doesn’t mean people who are half-cat and half-human. Needless to say, we were immensely disappointed when we found out the truth. That hasn’t stopped us from dreaming though. Now, it’s our life-long vision to make our dream of “cat people” a reality!We could have gone with the mad scientist route, using advanced technology to create some kind of human-cat hybrid, but instead, we decided to just make a really awesome costume. Of course, we had to start with the king of all cats, the mighty and quite lovable lion!Design & DetailsOur adult Lovable Lion Costume helps you look like a real cat-person and not just a person who loves cats. The costume comes with a brown jumpsuit and is made out of a soft minky fabric. Faux fur paw mittens are attached to the sleeves and they even have little claws on them. It also has a pair of foot covers that fit easily over any pair of shoes. The final touch to this outfit is the headpiece! The headpiece has a pair of cat ears poking out of the top of it. It also has a dark brown mane that’s made out of soft, faux fur strips.The Dream Come TrueSo, if you’ve always dreamed of being a real cat person, or if you just want to dress up like your favorite storybook character, then you’ll love this lion costume. It just one of our many exclusive costumes that will have you feeling completely in-character!

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