Mad Scientist Costume for Women


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Mixin’ Up the MedicineEver since “the lab” became a thing, some seriously awesome things have come from the mad scientists that locked themselves in basements and attics to see what interesting concoctions they could come up with. Just think, a radar engineer didn’t know he invented the microwave until the chocolate bar he had in his pocket began to melt when he was fooling around with new radar tech. A lack of attention in the lab created inventions such as shatterproof glass, corn flakes, and Vaseline. Oh, and let’s not forget the modern life changer, Penicillin! So, in our opinion, the best virtue you can have in the lab is madness. Sure, you might accidentally create a medicine that lets your wicked alter-ego reign free but we think the chance of an incidental calorie-free chocolate is worth it!Product Details & DesignThis costume was designed by our very own in-house designers! The Made-By-Us look features a high-neck lab coat that was inspired by classic white lab coats. The coat has off-center metal snaps. The look is paired with shiny black gloves and lab goggles. With attention to detail and quality, this will be a look you want to wear again and again!Disguise TheoryAre you ready to dive into your new scientific career? We have a theory and we’re pretty sure it’s accurate. You’re going to have a great time! Go as far as you want with this look. Pair the goggles with a wild white and curly wig, practice a maniac laugh, have a friend dress up as Frankenstein’s monster, rent a decrepit castle for the evening. We all know that mad scientists will stop at nothing to test their theories so why should you go into your look with a half-hearted attitude? So go ahead and let yourself become unhinged. It’s for the good of science, after all!

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