Mad Scientist Costume


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He’s going to need a monkey wrench, 12 rabbits, and a bag of flour for his next experiment and don’t ask why! If you can dream it, this mad scientist can make it happen. Well, he can try at least. He may blow up his own lab, but that’s ok, why not go out with a bang, right?Now you can think up the most eccentric experiments and inventions and carry them out all while you look the part! You can use this as an insane Einstein costume! Now hand me the smoking beaker before it blows up!This deluxe mad scientist costume is perfect for Halloween, plays, or reenactments. Whatever your occasion, this costume is a high-quality way to make a grand entrance! The costume starts with a long white lab coat that has a black collar at the neck and matching buttons down the front. Each sleeve cuff has a buckle for added detail and the coat also has two pockets at the waist and one on the chest for a true lab coat appearance. Also included in the costume are a pair of black glasses with white lenses and black swirls – after all, you are supposed to be a mad scientist! To top off the look, we’ve included a fuzzy white wig that may make it look like you stuck your finger in a light socket. But hey, a mad scientist wouldn’t have it any other way!

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