Malicious Queen Women’s Plus Size Costume


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True Meaning of EvilWhat does “evil” really mean? Some people like to throw that term around to describe anyone who wears a lot of dark colors, but what does it really mean to be evil? If it means crashing a party because you weren’t invited then, yeah, maybe this malicious queen is evil. And if evil means casting a spell on some poor princess as punishment is evil, then yeah, maybe this malicious queen is just a tiny bit evil. And if having the ability to magically transform into a fire-breathing dragon to fight off some naïve prince who thinks he can match magical might, then yes, she’s definitely evil.Alright, alright. We can admit it. Maybe this malicious queen is basically the definition of evil, but who wants to dress up like some kind of goody-two-shoes princess anyway? It’s much more fun to get in touch with your evil side!Design & DetailsWith this outfit, you too can unleash your more malicious side. This women’s costume comes with a magnificent dress that has a faux snakeskin pattern. It’s made out of a polyester and spandex blend material, so it stretches to fit. It also has a shimmering purple accent on the on the top and along the sleeves. The dress also has a zipper in back for fitting. The costume also comes with a horned hat, which helps you feel like a devious sorcerous from a fairytale.Embrace Your Villainous SideThis costume is a great start for exploring your malicious side, but should you want to fully embrace it, then you might want to check out a few of our accessories. Just add a wizard staff or a pair of shoes to feel like a wicked witch. You can even pair up with one of our raven accessories as proof of your new villainous powers.

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