Mallard Duck Costume for Adults


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Quit quacking and start ducking. That’s always been our motto. And we’re not talking about any old duck situation too, we’re talking about becoming the cream of the crop when it comes to the world of ducky duck duckies. The Mallard duck!Get yourself ready for a trip to the local pond with this exclusive costume. We hope you like swimming by flipping your flippers. We hope you like diving down to eat minnows and tadpoles. And we really hope you like munching on slices of bread!We made and designed this style right here in our own studio because we noticed that Mallards were seriously underrepresented in the world of duck costumes. And we made sure it has everything you need to undergo a waterfowl transformation! A vibrant tunic and pants combination will have you all ready to “Quack quack quack!” And when folks see your green head and yellow duck bill, well, they’re going to know that the duck game is afoot. This duck costume for men and women will have you achieving duck fame, and duck glory. In size standard and XL, it’ll fit most folks, and give you the power to say, “I did it! I became a duck!” (Face it, you’ve always wanted to say those words.) You’re only going to find this costume for sale right here at, so pick it up to give yourself a quacky transformation!

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