Martian Invader Mars Attacks Vacuform Mask 23″ Wall Hanger Decor


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No Country for Old AliensWhat’s with all of these happy alien movies? Remember when aliens were scary and they wanted to seize control of the Earth through a fiery conquest? Well, we do! We’re sick of seeing movies with cutesy extraterrestrial creatures. We’re sick of the aliens that want to be your friend and eat human peanut butter based candies. Where are the scary green space aliens who with laser guns? Where are the aliens with complete and total contempt for the human race? We want those aliens back! You know, the little hideous green men with murderous intent! Well, one of them is right here!Product DetailsThis Mars Attacks Martian Invader Mask Decoration brings you a totally terrifying creature from the classic science fiction movie. The vacuform mask measures 23″ tall and is molded into the shape of an alien face from the film. The mask has a retro look, intended to resemble vintage Halloween masks, and is designed to be used as a decoration.Returning to Extraterrestrial RootsIf you’re like us and you like the deadly aliens of sci-fi past, then you’re going to want this Mars Attacks Martian Invader Vacuform Mask! Just hang it on the wall and you’ll feel like the alien invasion has started in your own home!

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