Marvel Child’s Infinity War Deluxe Thor Costume


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THOR WANTS MOREMore of what, you ask? We’ll gladly tell you even if Thor told us this personal information in confidence, but he also told Rocket Racoon (and that little guy has a very big mouth) so we’re going to dish you this little tidbit of information.Thor says being a god and a superhero isn’t all it’s cracked up to be which took us by surprise. Who wouldn’t want the abilities to wield a magical hammer and now a new weapon, the Stormbreaker? Who wouldn’t want to pal around with the Avenger team? But Thor’s teary-eyed confession made us realize that the Asgardian crusader has lost many loved ones, not to mention, an eyeball. Even though this is Thor’s currently looking for a way to live a more fulfilling life, he wants kids to know they’re able to transform into him without reaping any of his misfortunes, thanks to the deluxe Thor costume. The costume recreates his dark and somber look from Infinity War— just supply the fierce attitude. We think Thor will feel uplifted once he sees miniaturized versions of himself invading the planet.PRODUCT DETAILS The officially licensed Marvel jumpsuit features a padded chest and arm muscles that are attached to the suit. Gauntlets on the forearms and a pair of boot covers are also conveniently attached to the jumpsuit so they won’t fall off at any point throughout the evening. The costume fastens together via a hook and loop closure located in the back of the suit. The included belt is printed to match the jumpsuit and also uses a hook and loop closure in back to secure around the waist. IT’S HAMMER TIMEJust kidding, it’s Stormbreaker time. Pick up the electronic ax toy (sold here) to complete the costume and so you have a way to protect yourself in case Thanos mistakes you for the real deal.

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