Marvel Legends Star-Lord Mask from Guardians of the Galaxy


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Peter Quill (aka Star-Lord from the Guardians of the Galaxy) isn’t exactly your typical superhero. He can’t fly like Thor. He doesn’t have super strength like the Hulk and his morale fiber definitely doesn’t match up to Captain America. He’s not as rich as Tony Stark and he doesn’t wield any mind-bending magical powers like Doctor Strange. He’s just a pretty normal guy with a weird dad and group of ragtag friends, but he definitely has one thing over all those other superheroes. He’s got a mask that’s 10 times cooler than anything that those other Marvel superheroes wear! Now, you can have a version of the mask to transform yourself into an average Joe turned superhero!This Marvel Legends Guardians of the Galaxy Star-Lord mask is a highly collectible mask based on the one seen in the movies. It has light up effects and has a moving piece in the back. You can wear it on your face to become the leader of the crew or just display it on the shelf as your new centerpiece to your collection.

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