Marvel Spiderman Far From Home Blanket Sleeper for Boys


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Superhero DreamsAll heroes have a pretty tough job. They’ve got all sorts of villains that they have to fight in order to keep their friends, family (and everyone else) safe. Most of them also have a secret identity that they’d like to keep a secret. If only things could be easier. (If only they could use their powers to help them out!) It makes us wonder if they ever dream about having different powers the same way that we normal folk do. Does Spider-Man dream that he could turn invisible or fly? Product DetailsWe’re not totally sure what Spider-Man actually dreams of, but we do have a few ideas about what your kiddo has going on in their minds at night! Whether they want to thwip from place to place on spiderwebs, climb up walls, or even go head to head with the Green Goblin, we can help them get closer to their Spidey dreams. This officially licensed Spider-Man Blanket Sleeper is just the ticket. It is a zip down and super-soft sleepwear suit that features the design of the epic suit from Spider-Man: Far From Home. Slinging in their SleepYour kiddo will be ready to confront all their best adventures in this Spider-Man Sleeper. Whether you want to snuggle up to the Marvel movies at night or let them drift into dreamland in full Spidey attire, their Spidey-sense is sure to tingle for this pair of costume pajamas.

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