Mascot IT Pennywise Mask


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Halloween is the Perfect Time to Clown AroundLike hanging out in the sewers? Enjoying frightening children? Are red balloons the best? If you answered “yes” to any of these questions then we believe it’s safe to assume that Pennywise is one of your favorite horror movie villains. He is easily one of Stephen King’s scariest creations and therefore one of the most iconic faces in the horror genre. If you’re hoping to bring this sewer-dwelling, child-eating monster to life for Halloween, we have just what you need. Not everyone has time for a terrifying clown makeover. So that’s where this IT Pennywise Mascot Mask comes in handy!Toss on this oversized Pennywise mask and your transformation has begun. No need to look in a mirror for hours while you paint your face. You don’t even have to dye and style your hair. Nope, you just need to toss on the mask and let the fun begin. Send some red balloons floating through the living room and peek around a corner to give your friends and family a good scare! Then once they realize how big and goofy this mask is, you can all enjoy a good laugh together as well. Be sure to take a look at the rest of the Pennywise accessories and costumes we have available to complete your very own IT-themed costume!

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