Master Chief Child Full Helmet


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When the soldier-of-few-words, John-117, better known as Master Chief steps onto the field to face down the various forms of the alien menace known as the Covenant, you know that things are about to get pretty flashy. While the tasks are dangerous and many, Master Chief never lets us down while also never taking off that iconic and intimidating looking helmet. We’ve often wondered exactly what the cybernetically and biomechanically enhanced warrior looks like under that helmet, but it is looking like we may never know!So, while we’d really like to ask you to give us a hint, we know that you’re actually here just to ensure that your own Master Chief has the equipment necessary to continue their important duties throughout the galaxy. So, we are happy to comply and offer you this officially licensed Master Chief Child Full Helmet. This helm features molded plastic with the faded green color scheme and the smoky amber face plate that hides your tyke’s penetrating gaze. The interior has foam padding for a comfortable wear while also helping to make sure it is positioned flawlessly. Accessorize further with the rest of the Master Chief armor and a few blasters and your kiddo will be ready to save the planet from any number of menaces.

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