Master Chief Deluxe Child Gloves


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Is the Revenant coming to cause trouble again? Well, then there’s only one thing you can do. Get your kiddo prepared to take on the horde with these Deluxe Master Chief Gloves! You should probably complete the rest of the costume because it’s tough to get in the fight with just gloves. Although even one of these gloves is enough to strike fear into the hearts of any adversary. Master Chief has quite the reputation in the galaxy for keeping order.Everyone who sees your kiddo wearing these Master Chief Gloves will know he is ready to kick some alien butt. Give your kiddo the gamer themed Halloween they’ve always wanted. All you need to do is grab him a Halo inspired costume and make sure you complete his heroic uniform with these awesome officially licensed accessories. The Revenant won’t stand a chance this Halloween and your kiddo will have more fun than he does actually playing video games!

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