Mean Girls Regina George Halloween Costume

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Like, why are you so obsessed with me? Well, it’s pretty easy to see why all the North Shore High students are infatuated with the Plastics’ ringleader, Regina George; it’s because she’s fabulous. Sure, she may be a tad bit evil but that doesn’t hinder everyone from wanting to be her, like literally become her. Regina has a ridiculous amount of money, an army of faithful minions (AKA her fellow Plastics), and she always has a scrumptious piece of man-candy hanging from her arm. Need we say more? It’s safe to say that Regina has won the lottery when it comes to dominating high school, so if you’re trying to end her reign, you better think twice. No amount of Kalteen Bars will extinguish her hotness and you better believe that no home-schooled freak (*cough* Cady Heron *cough* *cough*) will steal her Queen Bee title. Even though Cady ‘s sabotage is intense, nothing can dull Regina’s shine. Nothing! This Regina George costume depicts Cady’s attempted sabotage of the Plastics’ leading lady. This officially licensed costume comes with a white tank, featuring purple “paint” circles on the front, referencing the scene in the movie when Cady and Janis cut two holes in Regina’s sweater. The joke’s on them because Regina can make literally anything look good. The pink pleated mini-skirt paired with black pumps will give you the confidence to stomp through the halls like the Queen Bee you were always meant to be. Just clutch onto the Burn Book as tight as you can while you work your purple paint stained top. You’ll start a new trend that will catch on with all the wannabes in school before you can say, “Mean Girls.”

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