Medieval Knight Kids Costume


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Your kid just loves to use his imagination…a LOT. Before school, during school, after school. If he’s not coming up with a wild story in his head, then he’s busy acting it out in the backyard with his friends. All you have to do is look over at him and you can tell he’s traveled back in time to fight a ferocious dragon or scale a castle tower. Encourage his active imagination by letting him dress as his wildest fantasy this Halloween! This Kid’s Medieval Knight Costume can send your little guy back to the time of dragons, jousts, lords, and ladies–who knows, maybe he’ll want to take the whole family along for the ride in coordinated costumes. Either way, you’ll feel super safe having a bonafide medieval knight in the house (especially since your mote AND drawbridge are both being repaired) and he’ll feel overjoyed at having a Halloween costume that’s even better than his best daydreams.Once your little guy puts on this red tunic he will feel like he can take on the fiercest of fire breathers or the bravest opponent. The arms and hood of this outfit are a silver mesh, which (trust us) is a LOT more comfortable than chain mail armor. Just be sure to pick up one of our sword accessories to complete his whole knight look this Halloween…on top of being safe from dragons, you’ll also get to see him totally in his element.

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