Men Ghostly Gentleman Costume


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There are plenty of good reasons for not dressing up nicely. However, we’ve never thought being dead was one of them. Whether you’re a real ghost, or just a costumed phantom enthusiast, this Ghostly Gentleman Costume will have you looking sharp and spooky when you go out on your haunt!You’ve seen a ghost before, right? Did you happen to take note of what they were wearing before it either vanished in a cloud of ectoplasmic vapor, or you hightailed it out of there in a cloud of dust? You might be surprised to know that many spirits like wearing their best threads whenever they go out, because they never know when they might stumble upon a fancy occasion in desperate need of a good haunting! Imagine if you were a restless soul, and you found a wedding reception or an award ceremony full of unsuspecting people, just waiting to have their wits scared out of them, but you’re only wearing your bland everyday clothes. We suppose you still could try crashing the party anyway and get a couple good scares in, but everyone might just be more afraid of your lack of fashion sense than your ghostly antics.You won’t have any problems like that if you’re wearing this eerie costume! The entire ensemble is constructed out of various fabrics in the same ghostly white color. It even comes with matching gloves and a hat, so you just need to add a pair of white dress shoes and apply a little white makeup, and you’ll be one dashing apparition!

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