Men’s Beauty and the Beast Prestige Beast Costume


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Back to the BeastPrince Adam is one handsome guy. There’s that magical moment when Belle lifts the curse and the Beast reveals himself to be quite the sight to behold, and yet… we were mildly disappointed! Why? Because we’d grown to love the big lug! As The Beast, he had the strength of a grizzly bear and he could take on a pack of wolves with his “bear” hands. He also had a layer of soft, luxurious looking fur. We bet Belle liked cuddling up to that lovely mane! In fact, we bet that Belle, like us, wishes that he could transform into that floofy Beast! Well, perhaps there’s a way to get the best of both worlds!This Beauty and the Beast Prestige Beast Costume gives you the noble outfit of Prince Adam, but the furry hands of The Beast.Product DetailsWith this officially licensed Disney costume, you can combine the handsome look of the prince, with the soft, cuddly fur of the Beast! This costume begins with a royal blue, velvet jacket that has an attached, gold satin vest on the interior. It fits with buttons down the center of the jacket. The white dickey fits around your neck and adds a regal vibe to the whole look. The black pants have metallic gold stripes along the sides and an elastic band in the waist for fitting. Of course, the best part about this costume has to be the gloves, which have a layer of soft faux fur on them along with some felt claws. That helps give you the classic “Beast” fur, while maintaining your own princely look!Furry CompromiseIf you want to get the best of both worlds, then this Prestige Beast Costume is a great start! You can wear it as is, or get some face paint to fully transform into The Beast from Disney’s classic film, Beauty and the Beast!

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