Men’s Executioner Costume


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Killer Job, DudeListen, it’s not a glamorous job, but someone had to do it. It’s not like the king could let thieves and murderers running loose through the kingdom, and those dungeons are already full of miscreants. That means someone just had to step up, put on some creepy black clothes, grab a big ol’ axe, and get to… well, serving capital punishment. Why all the black? You want to send those Medieval criminals off with a macabre look to remind them of their crimes, of course! Nothing strikes fear into the heart of a criminal like a guy dressed in all black!The good news is that we don’t really have the use for such a gruesome profession, but you can play the role during your next trip to the Renaissance Faire with this grim Executioner Costume for adults.Product DetailsThis simple costume is a grisly reminder of the dark ages! It starts with a black tunic, which was a common garment for executioners of the time. It has uneven edges to help give it a classic, Medieval look. The tunic also features belt loops around the waist, so you can use the included belt, which is decorated with metal studs, to adjust the fit. The hood fits around your head to give you a malevolent look that will strike fear into any criminal headed to the chopping block! The costume also comes with a pair of black, fingerless gloves and a matching pair of boot covers that you can wear over just about any pair of shoes. When you have it all on, you’ll be ready to serve the king!Serve the KingIf you want a macabre look for the Renaissance Faire, or if you just want to serve the king by dishing out justice, then this creepy costume is what you’ve been searching for.

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