Men’s Plus Size Frankenstein’s Monster Costume 2X


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We think of Frankenstein as a bad guy. Someone who created a monster from an array of deceased people. It’s true that it must have been a grody task, we sure wouldn’t have wanted to get a tour of his lab! But just think, whoever’s brain got used for the legendary beast got a second lease on life! Sure, he woke up with bolts in his neck and a seriously weird skin tone but a second chance is a second chance in our opinion! What would you do if you woke up from your eternal slumber sporting new, high tech neck jewels and an other-worldly strength you had never before possessed? Would you finally make that Everest attempt? We’re sure the Yeti would love to meet a fellow iconic monster! Or your aspirations might be a little simpler. You could finally enter your local hot dog eating contest; re-birth really inspires an appetite. We’re sure your new lease on life would make you look at the world through rose colored glasses but first thing’s first, you’ve got to get out of that lab! You’ll be ready to make your first post-lab appearance in this dapper suit. Sure, it’s a little tattered. It’s got a couple gray patches on the coat and pants and the sleeves and pants are in tatters but the look suits your new haggard image. You’ve kind of got a rough outlaw feel, especially when you adjust your neck bolts and put on the high head mask, not many people can pull off that freshly reanimated look like you can!

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