Men’s Plus Size Northern King Costume | GOT costume | Exclusive


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Always do what is right, even if you lose your head.Sometimes it is difficult to do what you know is right. You don’t want to leave your family for a job that will, with out a doubt, lead to your death. You don’t want to confront a psychotic queen, especially on matters of family. And you really don’t want to sit on any throne. But you must do what is right.You would do all of it an more, if it meant that you were doing what you knew was honorable. What was the just thing to do. You would do your best to protect the kingdom, even if doing that put your whole family in danger. You would do anything you needed to do to keep the usurpers off the throne, and out of power.Be careful when you put on this Plus Size Northern King Costume, there will always be people who are just waiting for the perfect time to hurt your. They don’t want an honorable man in power. They want their family in power. No matter the cost. The faux fur lined cape is sure to keep you warm when the snow starts to fall. And don’t forget to grab a sword, you’ll need to use it against the usurpers, and maybe even against the Frozen Folk from way up north. Well, if you manage to keep your head that long.

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