Men’s Plus Size Realistic Pirate Costume


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A’hoy, matey! Are ya all set fer a reeeal life adventure on thee ol’ high seas, instead’a playin’ “make believe” with the kiddos? Are ya tired o’ fake soundin’ pirate accents that sound like they’re comin’ from some scallywag outta the movies? Well good, because we don’t know how much longer we could keep it up. We’re also glad you’re ready to dress up like a real pirate for Halloween, and in our exclusive Plus Size Realistic Pirate Costume, you’ll look as dashingly dangerous as an actual salty sea dog!Pirates come in all shapes and sizes, with some wearing tattered rags instead of clothes and hats, while others take great pride in their appearance and wear elaborate outfits covered in buttons and buckles. We like to think that a good pirate prefers to dress nicely, but without things like too many feathers and jewels sticking out of their get-ups and getting in the way during a fight. Pirates wear sturdy looking overcoats and big intimidating hats! And they add just the perfect amount of shiny extravagance to their attire to show off their plundering prowess.You’ll definitely feel debonairly decked-out and ready for action in this authentic looking swashbuckler costume! We’ve designed and detailed every component to make you look right at home on the deck of a renegade sailing ship, so all you’ll need to pick out is what kind of sword to carry into battle. And we know as soon as you’re all suited up, you won’t be able to resist busting out your best pirate accent!

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