Men’s Sexy Cowboy Costume


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Back in the Saddle AgainIt can be tough on the plains, wrangling up the doggies for ranchers around the range. The days are long and hot. The nights are frigid and lonely. But wouldn’t it be great if we could go back just for a little bit? Living only the most picturesque scenes. We’d love to huddle around a campfire while a fellow cowpoke played the harmonica. The stars would be bright as we rest with a wool blanket underneath our heads. It sounds like a pretty good vacation, we’re just not interested in those saddle sores. If you can see yourself on the wild plains, don’t go out and buy yourself a house quite yet. Try out this costume first, then you’ll know if you’re cowboy material or not. Product DetailsYou’ll have everything you need to look like you’re straight out of a sexier version of the wild west when you have this sexy cowboy costume at hand. It includes a fringed vest that’s made from a rich brown faux leather material that matches the fringed chaps. The chaps secure with a strip of hook and loop fastener. Top it off with the classic red bandana and you’ll be ready to giddy-up. Happy TrailsWhen you’ve got a costume this fun, any costume party in your future is sure to be a good time. Just make sure you get yourself a good cowboy hat to make your look complete. Want to further your cowboy character? Find yourself a pair of cowboy boots, a handsome mustache, or even one of those famous sheriff stars, or whatever accessories make you feel most at home when saying suave old west sayings like, “What seems to be the problem, pilgrim?”. Whether you’re heading to a Western-themed party or you’re simply going out for Halloween, you’re sure to look right at home on the high plains!

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