Men’s Sultan Costume


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It has been said many times over, “It’s good to be the king!” Oh, who could argue? Royal subjects and grand castles are only part of the regality of such a lofty position. But, the stories get even better. Who wants to be a lowly king when you could be a sultan!You have heard how hot it can get in the far off Arabian nights and even followed the tales of street urchins who come upon magical lamps and ensuing adventures. Wishes went awry and nothing ever appeared as it seemed, the glittering gold of treasures and the beauties of the harem certainly looked appealing!Now it is your chance to mutter your wish and have it granted! Wear the Men’s Sultan costume and step into that far-away summerland where you can strike a regal post and rule over the land while keeping cool! Begin with simple comfortable black pants which will look fantastic against the desert dunes. From there, don the red paisley vest edged with glittering golden braid and its matching rich waist sash. Instead of a heavy crown from a cold, stone castle, wear the sultan’s turban that shows off brilliant and expensive colors while marking your glory. Just in case you must run into dark genies and bandits who seek to claim what you have rightfully earned, make sure you do not leave the palace without a handy scimitar or magical lamp. It might be good to be a king, but to be the Sultan of the Sands is a wish come true!

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