Men’s Uncle Sam Wig and Beard Kit


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Product DetailsUncle Sam must have never been told that pointing is rude. Then again, he does it with such dignity maybe it’s not offensive when it comes from him! That little smirk that accompanies is enough to make us dash off to the nearest military recruitment office! Now, how is a man wearing ridiculous stars and stripes able to both be persuasive and iconic? Our answer? Facial hair! This guy has it going on! Not many people have the bravery to take a soul patch to a whole new level, with hair sprouting from the chin and only the chin. Now, we know that few people can grow hair as luxurious as Uncle Sam’s. Even fewer people have such a clean, white head of hair. We’re here to help you gain the famous Uncle Sam look. Whether you’re recruiting people to your pogo stick club or you’re in a Fourth of July parade, you’ll look dignified and persuasive in this white wig and fresh stick-on beard. We want you. . . to rock this look!

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