Merry Mario Boy’s Suit Opposuit


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We Wish You a Mario Christmas!Have you ever noticed it? The subtle color choice of Mario and Luigi, red and green—it’s the classic colors of Christmas! We happen to believe that Mario and Luigi selected those colors intentionally because they’re HUGE fans of the holiday. They’re also trying to do good in every new game that they’re featured in, which is obviously just an attempt to impress Santa Claus!Well, if your child is a fan of Christmas, just like Mario and Luigi, then maybe it’s time for an outfit that will help your little one express their love of Mario AND Christmas! Maybe it’s time for this Opposuit Merry Mario Suit.Product DetailsInspired by the iconic video game plumber from the Nintendo games, this Opposuit is one part festive and one part gamer’s dream come true. It starts with a fully lined suit jacket that has a Mario-themed pattern on the exterior. Of course, the premiere plumber himself appears on the jacket, but it also features red Super Mushrooms, 1-Up Mushrooms, gold coins, and even some Super Stars. Then, for a festive measure, it comes with snowflake designs throughout! The matching pants have a zipper fly with a button top and are intentionally long, so your little one can pair them up with casual footwear. Finally, the included tie is an easy, clip-on style necktie to bring the whole look together. Put it all together and you have a look that’s perfect for the holiday season.Dress to Impress (Santa)If your child loves Mario, or if he just wants to impress Santa Claus this year, then there’s no better outfit than this Opposuit Merry Mario Suit! Be sure to check out all of our holiday-themed Opposuits to help up your child’s Christmas style this season.

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